Pervy old galoot.John McCain is such a maverick that he acted like a jerk to a kid who asked him a perfectly reasonable question in one of his precious Town Hall Meetings in Michigan. And then after he intimidated and belittled this very nervous child who wanted to know why he opposed the Fair Pay Act, he went on The Daily Show and referred to her as “a very attractive young woman.” Horrifying video footage after the jump.

Take that, youngster! You should be glad John McCain had the testicular fortitude to write and approve the 19th Amendment back when you were a twinkle in your grandma’s girdle.

McCain Puts 14-yr-old Girl on the Spot, Disses Fair Pay Act [YouTube]

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  1. That’s right, Johnny. Never give ’em rope to hang you with; i.e., identify the Fair Pay Act as the specific legislation that the “attractive young woman” asked about. People could have looked it up, which would have been so embarrassing. Given political savvy like that, it’s hard to comprehend why his campaign was otherwise a runaway train to Failville.

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