Well, you must tell me, baby, How your head feels under somethin' like that.Guess who took a big hit in the polls thanks to that crazy “slavery is wrong” reverend guy who Barack Obama used to love so much? That’s right, Hillary Clinton.

The new NBC/Wall Street Journal survey shows that nobody likes Hillary except for 37% of the Democratic voters (old ladies). Speaking of the Angry Retired Revered Jeremiah Wright, a combined 63% of respondents either had no idea what the question was about or said Obama had handled it okay — which means, obviously, that “55% of voters told us that they were “disturbed” by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright videos that circulated so widely on cable TV and the Internet.”

Also: This poll shows St. Barack would beat McCain 52%-48% today, and that McCain would beat Hillary by the same margin, and all those numbers are within the margin of error, so you learn nothing from this part.


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