• Looks who’s inevitable now! [Real Clear Politics]
  • Seems like a handful of select executives directing all of your policy is bad practice after all. [Washington Note]
  • Suggesting that men are sexist is sexist, and therefore anyone who talks about it is sexist, and this is why Hillary Clinton should be our next president so shut the fuck up. [James Wolcott]
  • “Candidates split on Cuba” is a confusing headline, because nobody wants to do anything but the same thing we’ve been doing for 50 years. [Naked Politics]
  • Oh, we thought Nevada was all over and done with. NOPE! [Politico]
  • Hillary wants you to know the “facts” about superdelegates! how thoughtful! [Hot Air]
  • McCain has all the time in the world to plan his anti-Barry campaign. [Political Wire]
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