Ugh.Memphis voters in the 9th Congressional District got a shockingly anti-Semitic flyer in the mail urging them to vote against Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen. “Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and the JEWS HATE Jesus,” it announces. Why does Barack Obama allow this to happen?

The diatribe continues:

“…Memphis Christians must unite and support ONE Black Christian to represent Memphis in the United States Congress in 2008.”

The flyer was cooked up by some sort of black Christian “leader” in Murfreesboro, 250 miles away. Cohen’s opponent in the Dem primary, Nikki Tinker, has so far declined to comment on it. The only rational response to any of this, of course, is to put up a blog post demanding that Barack Obama do something now!

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Jewish Rep. Cohen Battles Antisemitism and Racism In Re-Election [The Sleuth: Washington Post]

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  1. How could Jews hate Jesus? He was such a nice Jewish boy! Of course he made his mother all fermished with his being some kind of meshugga messiah instead of a lawyer or a doctor. Eh, like Jesus always used to say, “l’azem geim” (which is yiddish for “turn the other cheek”).

  2. The title of this flyer is designed to catch everyone’s attention. It clearly states in the body that Jews do not believe in Jesus (they believe he lived just not in his deity, we don’t “hate” him). This reminds me of, where people go overbored on the Title of a story just to get people to notice the story. This is all הבזכא; ללוש-תכלוה, תואמר (deception in Hebrew)

    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

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