You know, considering how much we make fun of the Paultards, we’re pretty easy on Paul himself. He seems like a decent, honest guy. I mean COMPLETELY batshit crazy, obvs, but still, not a douchey panderer. After watching him on Meet the Press yesterday, however, I’ve decided he’s not only a dick, but also a hypocritical retard — just like his followers. He is a dick with his haughty insistence that Tim Russert doesn’t know shit — this might be true some days, but Russert’s arguments yesterday were pretty unfuckwithable. He is a hypocritical retard in the way he explains his long history of inserting earmarks for his congressional district and then voting against them. He claims that in the current “system,” earmarks are accepted, and he has to play along. No, no, leading by example would just be too much. And with that, I’d like to dub Ron Paul a Paultard.

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