* “Why are they doing this NOW? Blogging has clearly jumped the
shark. It makes no sense to be on the tail end of a phenomenon so
mediocre. Of course, we’re speaking of the Post though. They aren’t
really a ‘forefront of the operation’ kind of media.” [Velvet in Dupont]
* “Guys will do anything for homemade baked goods.” [why.i.hate.dc]
* “Sad? Maybe, but that’s the free market.” [Below
the Beltway
* “Dear Moviegoers, please allow me to leave this pile of dog
excrement on your steps for your consideration.” [Arjewtino]
* “It’s hard to argue with those numbers, but it’s easy to argue
with a cab driver when he says a 5 minute trip will cost you $13
because it’s rush hour and there is a gas surcharge and the moon is
full.” [Metroblogging DC]

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