A Wonkette operative writes to elaborate on today’s WP piece on WH correspondents, which included the neologism “Dickersonian,” after the “cleverly worded, seemingly harmless, but incisive questions” of Time’s John Dickerson:

Well… I don’t know what ‘Dickersonian’ is. I think it requires a cripple, a Christmas goose, and some ghosts. But apparently White House reporters like to think their names mean something. So here are some others…

[Helen] Thomasian: Stops just short of calling Bush ‘baby killer.’ Calls him ‘infant killer.’
[Terry] Moranian: Requires laticework diagram and footnotes to follow.
[David] Gregorian: Chanted. Served with ‘drinkable’ wine.
[Elisabeth] Bumillerite: All questions start with, “I work for the New York Times…”
[Mike] Allenesque: Rushed, earnest, aimed directly at groin.
[David] Sangerfroid: “Mr. President will you just say out loud what Condi has already told me off the record.”
[John] Robertsonian: Desperately trying to scare up just one Rather-like confrontation with President.
[Dana] Milbankshot: Strangely silent. Never called on.

Next Question [WP]

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