whcd.jpgSo did everyone else have a good time at the party? Huh?

* Chris Hitchens said the event was lame and beyond parody, and went on to demonstrate his extensive knowledge of things that are beyond parody by going home and hosting a shitty afterparty. With David Carr, who later wrote an article about how ridiculous the whole scene is. Media is fun!
* Did you know: the original Bush routine was going to be a painful musical number with the President, Clinton, and Bush 41. Hillary said no, though, and we thank her for it.
* Chris Hitchens was still standing as his party ended, shockingly.
* Arianna Huffington’s mysterious black eye remained mysterious: she left the dinner early to fly back to LA on David Geffen’s jet.
* Patrick Gavin spent Saturday afternoon taking pictures of everyone’s crotch.
* Dana Milbank employed state-of-the-art Get Smart technology to file his afterparty report.
* Ana Marie Cox punched out Eric Alterman and took his wallet. Metaphorically. No, wait, literally. It coulda happened, you weren’t there.
* Same deal with Karl Rove and Laurie David.

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