'And we'll break the other leg next, wiseguy.' - WonkettePatrick Fitzgerald cut some kind of mysterious deal with Tim Russert to get the TV entertainer to briefly testify, but Scooter Libby’s lawyers want to know what Russert was promised and why “prosecutors failed to ask Russert a number of important questions.”

The mystery was solved today when Russert showed up to court on crutches; Fitzgerald’s goons broke one of the Meet the Press star’s ankles, and threatened to break the other one should the testimony fail to convict Libby. Other threats regarding horse heads and a “million year curse” could not be verified at press time.

Russert kept to his deal in today’s testimony, claiming he only learned Plame’s identity from Novak’s column in the Washington Post on July 14, 2003 (right). Even worse for Scooter, Russert claimed the July 8, 2003, phone conversation with Libby had nothing to do with CIA agents. Instead, a furious Libby was only interested in screaming vulgarities at Russert over some MSNBC report.

You know how all this time you thought MSNBC had like two viewers? Well, that’s still true — but those two viewers are Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney.

NBC’s Russert Rebuts Libby Testimony [NYT]
Prosecutors limit Russert deal details [AP]

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