bushhug03.jpgThis is what you’ve been training for for six years. (AP)

As we read this Times piece on the creepy hug the President shared with a Merchant Marine Academy grad, we couldn’t help but wonder: are you sure Bumiller’s on book leave?

Mr. Bush, wearing a quizzical expression, responded by raising his arms as well and moved in for a hug. The midshipman — almost unwittingly — found himself squeezing the president in his powerful arms. When the president caught his breath, he shook Mr. Whitney’s hand.

The graduate, Gabriel “Bluto” Whitney, received his degree after six years of undergrad and an impressive 4,872 demerits. President Bush promptly appointed him head of the OMB.

Couple more weird AP shots, after the jump.

A Graduate So Happy, He Hugged the Speaker [NYT]


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