* Lloyd Bentsen hasn’t even been dead long enough to turn over in his grave, and already he has a rap obituary. [Dealing in Subterfuges]

* While President Clinton loves Lauriol Plaza, the rest of the world continues to call it “the Bennigan’s of 18th St.” [FreeRide]

* Getting overpriced terrible food sucks, but it really could be worse. [Consumerist; DC DOH]

* Convicted Washington Teachers Union embezzler Gwen Hemphill gets to spend 132 months at Alderson prison. Just think of all the knitting you can get done in 11 years. [Bruce Johnson’s Blog]

* Shake your money-maker! A new urban map mashup site helps weary business travelers get to DC’s titty-bars faster and easier than ever! Remember, no sex in the champagne room! [Gridskipper]

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