• Reliable Source: Court TV’s Washington correspondent Savannah Guthrie is more focused on Zacarias Moussaoui than Scooter Libby. . . Monica Lewinsky spotted at a political comedy show in London. [WP]
  • Heard on the Hill: Aide to Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) hits “reply all” with “let’s all just booze soon” missive. . . James Dobson gets caught in the doors of the Senate subway. [Roll Call]
  • Page Six: John Dean gives W. Mark Felt‘s memoir a horrible review, saying it “is riddled with errors” and “adds absolutely nothing to our understanding about Felt’s role as Bob Woodward‘s source during Watergate.” [NYP]
  • Cindy Adams: Rep. Patrick Kennedy‘s car accident will not actually be investigated. [NYP]
  • Rush & Molloy: Patrick Kennedy has reportedly “been yearning for the company of ex-girlfriend” Tatiana Platt. [NYDN]
  • Liz Smith: McCain on Washington: “So much is going to come down, so many indictments… well, it’s all so corrupt,” and to Katie Couric: “Congratulations and condolences.” [NYP]
  • Inside Politics: Sen. George Allen wins Young Republican National Federation straw poll. [WT]
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