Lucky you, Amercia, Paul Ryan (R-Complete Tool) is back at work and ready to focus on the issues.¬†After all, Paul Ryan is a Very Serious Person who is Very Concerned about¬†Jobs and The Economy! So when he was campaigning we were all bereft of his leadership on these and other pressing issues, and it was […]

Arizona has now “outdone everyone,” as another media outlet puts it, by trying to establish that really when you think about it, a baby is made during that unpleasant time of the month during which a woman discards last month’s egg in preparation for a new one that she may or may not intend to […]

An Arizona law-etching ladyperson (“lady”) by the name of Terri Proud, Representative from Tucson, has decided that there just isn’t enough going on in the House and Senate right now in Arizona, even though there is, so how about a law saying that women should not just have to see a black-and-white moving image of […]

Oklahoma’s obtuse personhood law made it through the state Senate on Thursday by a margin of 34 imbeciles to 8 brains, and will now go to the House, where there are even more “interior person”-loving junkies than in the Senate. This means that, yes, fertilized eggs shall have “all the rights, privileges, and immunities available […]

To make a point, which is a thing that congresspersons occasionally do, Democrat Constance Johnson, State Senator from Oklahoma, proposed an amendment to the state’s personhood bill this week that would render punishable by law ANY sperm that does not enter into a competition with its squiggly brethren to make a baby! The personhood bill, […]