zuccotti park

Last year, it took Occupy less than three weeks to reallocate $2 million in government-funded aid to working men and women in New York City, in the form of overtime pay to the city’s police department. This year, some in the movement hope to achieve this goal sooner — and judging from the police turnout […]

Is there “some stuff” going on in the country today, maybe? Sure, a few things, like shopping day with Joe Biden! Here for example from some freshly-arrived Barack Obama re-election campaign spam promoting their online store is this convenient beer koozie with Joe’s goofy grinning mug on it. And what’s the “best part” of showing […]

Here is video from inside Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning as the NYPD moved in to trash the encampment and arrest dozens of peacefully resisting protesters. THAT’S QUITE ENOUGH FREEDUMZ 4 U ALL according to nervous billionaire goon Michael Bloomberg, who ordered the “closed-to-the-press” midnight raid to placate twitchy corporate overlords to protect the “safety” of […]

EVERYONE EXHALE, America’s foremost pillar of Internet opinionation Meghan McCain has finally found time in her manic schedule writing her bi-monthly Daily Beast column to drop by Zuccotti Park so she can do her part and help explain to any of her readers who have been in a coma for the last month, “what’s up […]

What is the real trouble with the Occupy Wall Street movement these days? Nobody is making enough money off it! Anti-corporate sentiment is finally hip enough to be mass marketable again, so you can all retire those Che Guevara t-shirts at last, hippies. You’ve got a new brand now! MTV is busily producing some slick […]

The wheezy little shadow humans hovering around in the dank caves over at Rupert Murdoch’s terror pamphlet the New York Post sure are devoting an awful lot of comical reporting to the fabrication of elaborate Jesusween bedtime stories about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. It’s like they’re kind of (very) worried or something! The latest strenuous […]

When there’s nothing else to bitch about, count on ignorant scare-sheet the New York Post to find something evil about the peaceful and polite Occupy Wall Street protesters. Maybe they are eating fancy liberal food? A new poll of New Yorkers proves that 67% agree with the growing protest against America’s bank-run corporate-welfare system, and […]

OH, is there is another CNN GOP debate 2NITE? It’s a “day,” probably, so YES, there is. The alcoholic beverage makers of America thank you, CNN! Everyone else thinks you are terrible. So, uh, Herman Cain will eat a delicious fried Mexican,  Newt Gingrich will eat Wolf Blitzer, the fried Mexican will eat Rick Perry, […]

Hello again! Your #OWS correspondent has returned from a weird, rainy night full of …. cleaning? In the above YouTube movie, we see two park savages frantically trying to sweep away all of the bodily fluids and hypodermic needles that have accumulated over the last few weeks in Zuccotti Park. (Is that soapy water, or […]

The Ocupados celebrated early this morning as NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg unceremoniously tweeted that the owners of Zuccotti Park decided for mysterious undisclosed reasons (fear) to postpone for now their plan to “clean up” (billionaire-speak for “evict, using police force”) the space at 7 a.m. Thousands of the uppity peasant-folk flooded the site overnight to lock […]

Greetings from Zuccotti Park, where everything is going apeshit crazy at the moment. We just returned from a march around Wall Street — the largest we’ve witnessed since Sunday. There will be an even larger rally and protest at 5:30 p.m. that will include members of the New York Transit Workers Union, which voted to […]

UH. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg discussing the Wall Street protests: “The protesters are protesting against people who make $40-50,000 a year and are struggling to make ends meet. That’s the bottom line.” Hm! We could try to unpack that and “solve” the riddle of this bizarre statement, which is the utter opposite of what is […]

Good morning! Your dutiful Occupy Wall Street correspondent is still embedded with the Sandinistas of Zuccotti Park, who still want to destroy America with their nonviolent opposition to living in a terrible banana republic. We even accompanied the park dwellers on their daily morning march around Wall Street, which was filmed in its entirety by […]

Occupy Wall Street has just completed its ninth day — but you wouldn’t know, since America’s glorious free press is too busy covering the Big Stories: “New Ben and Jerry’s flavor in poor taste?” and “Man with broken leg survives 4 days in desert” and “Michele Bachmann goes somewhere, says something”). The anti-American media-fairness group […]