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The Towering Infernal President Didn’t Want Any Stinking Sprinklers In His Beautiful Deadly Building

Not exactly shooting someone, and not in the middle of 5th Avenue, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve.

Bolton’s Mustache Walks Into White House. Wonkagenda For Mon., April 9, 2018

John Bolton's Baptism by Fire, Trump's Towering inferno, and another Syrian chemical weapons attack. Your morning news brief.

Senate Sunday: In Tennessee, It’s Former Gov. Phil Bredesen Vs. Actual Crazy Person Marsha Blackburn

A Democratic majority in the Senate would be terrific. Getting Marsha Blackburn out of Congress would be a nice bonus.

Oklahoma Senate Might Fund Schools, If Only To Get All These Teachers Out Of Their Hair

Oklahoma legislators should know these teachers deal with surly teenagers, angsty tweens, and hyperactive elementary kids. The politicians are outmatched.
President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Is President Of The ‘Ellen’ Show, And It Is GOD-DANG DELIGHTFUL!

Also she made a really fun joke that is making fucknuggeted losers like Sean Hannity CRAZY.

Donald Trump Bones Own Stormy Daniels Case, Without Prophylactic

What Donald Trump doesn't know would fill several books. Or a very interesting deposition.

Let’s Art-Appreciate The Fuck Out Of These Dark-Money Anti-Muslim Ads, By A Doctor Of Rhetoric

Oh, what artistic triumphs Citizens United has wrought.

Judge Says Bill O’Reilly Can’t Keep His Gross Harassment Lawsuits Secret, Because She Wants To Ruin Our Lives

Yet another dangerous adventure with America's most trusted war correspondent.

Martin Luther King Would (DID!) Have A Few Things To Say About American Policing Today

Are things getting better, or are they getting worse? Yes.

Donald Trump’s China Tariffs Gonna Screw Over Iowa. Is Iowa Important For Politics?

International trade actually turns out to be pretty darn complicated. Just ask Milo Minderbinder.
A leader of little green plastic men

Trump Wants To Grab Mexico By The Posse Comitatus

More red meat for the Basest of the Base.

Build The Wall Out Of Soldiers! Wonkagenda For Wed., April 4, 2018

Trump wants to build a border wall out of soldiers, Scott Walker is screaming BLUUUUUE WAAAAVE, and Robert Mueller has some questions. Your morning news brief.
Best friends 4ever

Trey Gowdy Has A Black Friend

Baby steps, we guess!

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Has No Further Comment On The Easter Story

We shouldn't be so mean. She looks almost lifelike, after all.

Trump’s Easter Message To The Children Was Some Weird Shit

What is the White House? Where am I?

Laura Ingraham Taking ‘Week Off’ At Big Happy Farm Where She Can Run And Play With Bill O’Reilly

Maybe she doesn't deserve to lose her job over one mean tweet. But why does she have a job in the first place?