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Who Should Be In America, This Badass Young #DREAMer Immigrant Woman, Or Rick Santorum?

IDEA: How about we #DeportRickSantorum?

Let’s All Watch Jake Tapper Ride Mike Pence’s Ass Like A Jewish Grandma Force-Feeding You Kugel

Jake Tapper is a schnauzer on Mike Pence's pant leg.

Weather Channel Tells Dead Breitbart To Shut Its Dumbass Mouth

The Weather Channel does not take kindly to people using its videos to 'disprove' climate change.

Trump’s. Nuts. Roasting. On. An Open. Fire. A Christmas Music Post!

Fiona Apple made a Christmas song for Donald Trump!
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

Forget It: There’s No Language Donald Trump’s Nuremberg Speech Would’ve Sounded Better In

You WILL love the Trump, under penalty of law.

CNN Lady Alisyn Camerota Cannot Even Handle How Dumb Trump Supporters Are

Welcome to the 'post-truth' society!

Well Of Course Donald Trump Stands To Make Money From Dakota Pipeline. Stop Acting Surprised!

Protests against Big Oil? How quaint.

Laugh Joyously Along With These Russian Ice Dancers Performing ‘The Holocaust’!


Here Is Barack Obama’s Final Turkey Pardon And Festival Of Dad Jokes

We miss you already, Barry.
You want traditional? We got yer traditional right here, Mac

The Last And Greatest Betrayal: Your William S. Burroughs Thanksgiving Prayer 2016

Thanks for all the memories… all right, let’s see your arms...
Get ready to be sick of winning

CBS News Magically Turns Boos Into Cheers For Infallible God King Donald Trump

'Cheers,' CBS? Uh ... sure. Yes. Let's go with that.
It's the bloody tears that really make this one work

Judge Swearing In New Citizens Not Real Hep To Any Of These New-Fangled ‘Amendments’

Would you like to meet a man who holds one of the highest public offices in our country, and that is "judge"? Yes you would, because dude is THE BEST: “I can assure you that whether you voted for him...

Be Like This White Guy Telling This Other White Guy To Stop Yelling ‘Trump’ At The Black Starbucks Barista

Be the human safety pin you want to see in the world.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Giving Up, And Neither Are You

Hillary made her first appearance since the election, and gave a speech you need to watch RIGHT NOW.
Rarely is the question asked: Is our white people learning?

Trump Idiot Says Muslim Registry Great Idea, Because Look How Well Japanese-American Internment Went

Some people insist on learning the wrong lessons from history.