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Oh that is nice, Randall Terry, the pro-life activist and “Democrat” who beat Obama in 242 percent of the Oklahoma Democratic primaries this year, has a new website, and he is inviting the “child-killers” at Your Wonkette (along with the cool dudes at RightWingWatch and the humorless nags at Jezzy) to come join him for […]

Weep, weep, Wonkette, for your fallen prince Ken Layne. Okay, that’s enough. Oh, I see I might have scared you, since there is apparently a surfeit of youngish people falling over dead these days. (Davy Jones, you were the girl that I knew somewhere!) No, no, Layne is fine. He is just old and tired […]

EPIC MOMENTS ON AMERICAN SCREENS  2:39 pm November 24, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

KEN LAYNE REMEMBERS OBAMA’S NOMINATION SPEECH: “For two long, ridiculous years, I had covered this campaign — if by ‘covered’ you mean ‘wrote stupid jokes about these terrible people, every day, for a Web site.’ Now was not the time to give up and watch history on a cheap wall monitor over a concession booth.” […]

So we were over at the blog of our Emo-Goth boyfriend Andrew Sullivan and he linked to this nifty site analyzer deal that will stare deep into your blog’s soul and tell you exactly what kind of a human you are. The Typealizer’s take on Wonkette was quite surprising! And … horrifying.