your mom

Sorry, “White House photographer,” but the 101st Keyboard Brigade has figured out your little scam! It has something to do with the superscript ‘th,’ we are sure! Or … pixels? Yes, pixels. Your mom has taken a class in Detecting Internet Forgeries from the Dan Rather Truth Squad, and she was very excited to find […]

Why won’t the Colorado legislature vote on questions of significance instead of these silly old civil unions, and the DREAM Act, and medical marijuana? That is what Colorado House Speaker Frank McNulty wanted to know after some of his fellow Republicans voted to let a civil unions bill out of committee and to the floor […]

By the Comics CurmudgeonDid you know that no object in the universe is entirely unique? It’s true! Many things, it turns out, look like other things. Sometimes things don’t look like other things, but they’re like other things, at their essence, in what we call a “metaphor.” Sometimes you see a thing and you think, […]