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  At CPAC, the biggest conservative event of the year, everyone is dressed to impress. Rick Perry, aka Governor Nerdlinger, brought the house down with this snappy ensemble topped off with glasses for the intellectual look. We almost expected him to whip them off and throw them aside during his barnburner of a speech, which […]

The Gaylord National Resort is more than just a hotel with a name that makes pubescent boys snicker. It’s also a glassed-in mini-city with living trees and actual birds and tiny houses that hold patriotic gear stores and, for the second year, it is the Land of CPAC. Come along and let us visit this […]

O hai conservative student group Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), whose purpose is fighting “radical multiculturalism” (blahs and Messicans and definitely Islamics and probably Jewishes and Italians too), it looks like you have been kicked out of Towson University in Baltimore for losing your mortified faculty advisor after a bunch of your more clever members […]

Once upon a time the College Republican organization fell in love with Barack Obama on Facebook because of his hot abs, but then after he extended their Pell Grants and let them stay on their parents’ health insurance till they were 26 they all realized what a Socialist celebutante he is and stopped posting on […]

In a way, this actually somehow seems promising. Oh but before you go, Michael Steele has a question! (SPOILER ALERT IT’S “WHAT UP?”)

Michael Steele parodist Michael Steele stopped by Howard University the other day. Already, by now, you can see where this is going. Every single aspect of the event falls somewhere on the spectrum of “unmitigated disaster” to “accidentally segregating the audience.” Next time Steele reserves the first two rows of seating for a large group […]

At this weekend’s Young Republicans conference, where an old racist gal was elected President, some bloggers had an opportunity to sit down with “best Republican ever” Michael Steele. Some guy asks him how he plans to bring “diverse populations” into the Republican party. Steele replies, “y’all come,” then some slob in the back says, “I’ll […]

We’ve been sort of obsessed with Sarah Palin’s Facebook and Twitter pages, but maybe some other Republicans have recently used the popular “social racism” networks, too. Let’s check the Wonkette tips …. Ah, here’s one right there at the top of the Inbox. As usual. Because this is what Republicans do: “Racist ‘humor,’ the Internet, […]

Perhaps in honor of CPAC, but with no mention of CPAC at all, the Washington Post has run a delightful “color piece” this morning about what it’s for young Republican hatchlings looking for work in Washington, where they are no longer welcome. Basically there are about seven of these people, total, all gaming for one […]

KDKA in Pittsburgh reports this BREAKING NEWS item: “A Pittsburgh police commander says a volunteer for the McCain campaign who reported being robbed and attacked near a bank ATM in Bloomfield has confessed to making up the story. Police say charges will be filed.” Ah HA HA HA HAH HAH. Do not try to bullshit […]

Hey gents! Have you ever been hanging out with a dude friend and gone to sleep and then woken up with your sex organ in your dude friend’s mouth? Pretty freaky, right? Well, that is exactly what happened to this one guy who was hanging out with Glenn Murphy Jr., the former head of Indiana’s […]