Normally, we rely on our sister site, HappyNiceTimePeople.com, to cover people who are famous for being famous. But every now and then, some no-talent celebrity decides to wade into politics, despite a complete lack of resume and credentials, and we are forced to mock them back to the realm of do-nothingness. Giant-headed moon enthusiast Newt […]

Ted Cruz is a man of the people, from humble roots. Just ask Sarah Palin, who knows a thing or two about selling herself as a simple down-home yokel (albeit with a greater degree of truthiness). Ted Cruz is on the side of ordinary Americans, because he is one of them, or at least has […]

Yale University has a class called “Journalism,” and the Yale Daily News has written a completely unironic story about the man who’s been hired to “teach” it. [Yale Daily News]

Greetings Wonkeristas, and welcome back to our occasional tour through the dissipated, sand-blasted desert hellscape that is the hive mind of the all-guns-all-the-time Second Amendment fetishists. We would visit more often but this is a terrible place and everyone who lives in it is terrible. Let us talk about one of the terrible ideas for […]

Yale, you seem like a lovely little college, with your charming brick buildings and all that ivy, and a student body filled with young eager minds who use “summer” as a verb and have collectively donated dozens of extracurricular hours teaching inner city youth how to yacht. Oh, and of course your ever-so-sensitive and tolerant […]

Now that the New York Times is done carrying water for the CIA, it has plenty of man-power to commit to other pressing matters, like how Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is attending a conference for Yale alumnae, and there are — at minimum — two people who are kind of mad about it. PepsiCo […]

Yes, by virtue of his New York Times column and his occasional PBS appearances, David Brooks has been qualified to teach something. And — get this — it is a class in HUMILITY. Which will be taught to the children of the 1% at Yale.  Everything about this begs to be made fun of.

Here’s an important news update for all the Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas types who for some reason believe that acting like super-crazy white wingnut Republicans will magically win over white racists: Doesn’t work, never has, never will. White racists despise black people no matter what — and you’ll find the most unrepentant white racists […]

Hey look, it’s that daughter, the one who was the bottom. The other one always seemed to take more after her father; this one, after all, actually seems slightly interested in politics and not quite so much in booze. So not only is Barbara Bush in favor of socialist health care plots (wow, remember that […]

Here is your first television ad of the Republican primaries! “Students for Daniels,” based at Yale, has bought airtime in southern Iowa during this weekend’s Pro Bowl for this ad about how Obama victimizes dumb blonde coeds looking for a wealthy older man. It would be a fool-proof plan to get Mitch Daniels elected, if […]

Christine O’Donnell caused widespread panic and nearly crashed every stock market when she announced, “I’m YOU!” Everyone who heard this horrific claim immediately went to their local Walmart and bought fifty-pound sacks of rat poison and Crayola sparkle markers, so that their suicide notes would look pretty. However, after some serious fact-checking it turns out […]

While it’s true the Ivy League is nothing more than a sleepaway camp that churns out future war criminals, this is almost completely unrelated to the simple fact that Christine O’Donnell has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about in the above; she does not even have a vague, distant idea floating gracefully in a […]

Look Yale, we know the last week or so has been tough for you, but LEAVE NANCY GRACE ALONE. [CNN, thank you operative "Ryan T." ]

Bobby Jindal’s speechwriters, they are Gods. Check out this little one-two he pulled on the Democrats. See, he sets it up all good-like by saying that the stimulus package included “$140 million for something called ‘volcano monitoring,’” like wtf is that right, and then KA-CHING: “Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is […]