Oh, golly, John McCain. You probably should have given this a bit more thought, maybe. When Jennifer Rubin says that you and the other two “amigos,” Kelly Ayotte and Martin Short Lindsey Graham, are “distinguished pols of the week,” because she thinks you’ve “been right about a lot of things lately,” that’s not necessarily the […]

It has been a month since the Presidential election exposed the rotting flesh of Dick Morris’ underbelly, and he won’t stand by idly while people call him a fool! Morris has just released a super in-depth analysis of why Mitt Romney lost on his ultra snappy website, and it’s not that same old “he got […]

The eight-year period of 2000-2008 was the best, wasn’t it? First everyone freaked out about Y2K which ended up not really being very exciting, then the movie Chicken Run came out, but then wasn’t there something kind of bad that happened in 2001? Like maybe some bad El Niño weather or the end of a […]

There’s the real CNN we all hate, which is nothing but a bunch of political consultant hacks sitting at tables reading talking points right off their laptop screens while Wolf Blitzer staggers around yelling nonsense. And then there’s the imaginary CNN available exclusively within Ross Douthat’s skull, a network broadcasting only Hard News programming. To […]