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Pat Buchanan has written a real ripsnorter of a column in the American Conservative about how the Republicans are a bag of salty dicks, for hating Detroit. Detroit could be worse — for example, they could be Japs: “But why this ‘Let-them-eat-cake!’ coldness toward U.S. auto companies? General Motors employs more workers than all these […]

IRAQ  5:15 pm June 19, 2007

A Short Guide To Iraq

by Ken Layne

WORLD WAR II  1:10 pm June 14, 2007

Nazi Scumbag Finally Dies

by Ken Layne

AL SHARPTON  8:51 am February 26, 2007

Daily Briefing: Dix

by Alex Pareene

WAR   4:15 pm January 15, 2007

Happy Pentagon Day!

by Ken Layne