world trade center

You might have noticed some news about the dedication of a┬ámuseum honoring an American history event, a little thing hardly worth mentioning called 9/11. Bamz, who wasn’t doing anything else today, so whatevs, roused himself to tour the museum, as did the Clintons, and Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio and Rudy Giuliani (like Rudy […]

We all know that 9/11 is the best holiday ever. It’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July and Halloween combined! Dick Cheney is alive right now just because he willed himself to see another 9/11. But according to Politico, who have labeled the situation “awkward,” like a 19-year-old coed, Barack Obama has nowhere to […]

Sure, you’ve heard “We’ve Got to Stop the Mosque At Ground Zero,” but have you heard “SALT IN THE WOUND”? Hatred and images of people dying in a terrorist attack never sounded so upbeat!

Minneapolis police are investigating CRUDE VIOLENCE, after Al Franken’s wife reported that the Frankens’ condo had been shot. The condo seems to be in stable condition, although a window was cracked. Interestingly, Al Franken just came out very strongly against the opponents of the proposed New York Muslim community center. Are Minnesotans trying to KILL […]

Missouri Republican Senate candidate Roy Blunt put up this Web ad yesterday, featuring audio from his opponent, Robin Carnahan, and a single Ken Burns-effected photo of the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. Wow, this is such a cute ad! How did he accomplish this cuteness without the use of kittens? So this is […]

Here’s Pat Buchanan talking about former House Speaker “Nude” Gingrich on this never-ending mosque bullshit non-issue. And he’s actually very right! Wow, there you go. A nice summary of the breadth of contemporary Republican political tactics. Looks like some pundits are more capable than a grilled cheese sandwich, even when they’re just residue somebody scraped […]

Sarah Palin continues to be a major critic of President Barack Obama. Why are people giving her a platform? Why would anyone think she has any particular insight into national issues and how our federal government should operate? Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to mic up a grilled cheese sandwich and ask it questions? But […]

Newt Gingrich is very busy! Look, there he is, saying Sarah Palin will run for president! And wow, he wants us to explode the other two members of the “Axis of Evil!” But more importantly, it is his job to stoke fear over the proposed mosque near the World Trade Center site, so it is […]

Wonkette operative “Evan B.” writes: “The debate over the planned mosque at Ground Zero seems a bit retarded to me; I work directly between the planned mosque and a mosque that has existed before 9/11 and continues to operate to this day. The existing mosque and the proposed mosque are probably 800 feet apart; one […]

For weeks now, conservatives have been getting riled up over the proposed construction of a planned Muslim community center somewhat near the World Trade Center site. That is not an acceptable religion, you see, for America. Newt Gingrich finally rolled off his Japanese pillowcase-girlfriend and decided to wade into this with some really good, fresh […]

Workers are excavating the World Trade Center site (Not done yet? What is this, union labor?), and on Tuesday, they found a giant 18th-century ship stuck in there. How? Well, back then terrorists were called “pirates.” (Evil liberal Hollywood has made empathize with pirates, but they were TERRORISTS OF THE SEAS.) And these pirates hated […]

Long Island Congressman and ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee Peter King wants there to be an investigation into the funding of a proposed mosque to be built near the World Trade Center site in New York City, because terrorists are the only Muslims in the world with money, right? “It’s a house […]

It must have been “Rent-A-Republican” morning at the DSCC, because an advertisement error this avoidable could only have been produced by John McCain, or his daughter: “The image in the attack on Scott Brown for his alleged closeness to Wall Street pictures the [World] Trade Center and the destroyed Marriott Hotel on its western side.” […]