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Tag: world series

What’s Up With How ‘Teen Vogue’ Is So Badass Lately?

Update your bookmarks, because the teen girl magazine is writing some VERY IMPORTANT STUFF these days!

Guess Donald Trump Thinks Chicago Cubs Can Eff Right Off

To be fair, maybe the only reason Trump has failed to congratulate the Cubs is that he's classless trash.

Wonkagenda: Friday, October 28, 2016

The Bundy Bunch gets off, K Street revs up, and a Sportsball update! Here's your morning news brief!
Sad Brazil fan is sad.

Sportsball Year In Review: It Was Mostly Awful!

Sports! Oh man, sports, aren't they great? Shut up, they are too. Here now is your 2014 Wonkette Sportsball Year In Review, because why not? Off-field Hits Plague NFL Sorry to break this to you, Wonketeers, but the NFL remains the...

At Least Everyone Can Agree It Will Be Nice To Have Football On At Bars Again!

Last night the Yankees baseball team won the competition that determines the best baseball team of all the other baseball teams! 600 UN staffers in Afghanistan will leave the country for a few weeks while the UN works to...

Hamid Karzai Is Declared President—But Was He Even Born In America??

After very possibly receiving fewer votes than his opponent, Hamid Karzai has won the presidential election of Afghanistan! Ford earned $1 billion in the third quarter and people are now thinking the company could be profitable by 2011. Yesterday...

Top-Secret Congressional Ethics Thing Found On Public Network And Emailed To Washington Post

Someone accidentally left a document detailing ongoing Congressional ethics violations investigations on a public computer network. The Word paperclip would have advised against this. The deposed president of Honduras has been temporarily undeposed by the de facto government. Legitimacy...

Boy, What A Thrilling/Excruciating Athletics Event On Teevee At The Local Baseball Pub Last Night!

Last night's baseball match went smashingly/terribly—depending on whether you were in a sports bar with mostly blue decorations or mostly red ones. Ahmadinejad implied that Iran would do everyone a favor and would indeed be enriching its uranium elsewhere....

Some Northeast Athletic Clubs Will Compete In Rio 2016 Olympics Of Baseball

Your 2009 World Series will feature the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, two popular Northeast athletics organizations. USA! Baghdad had another suicide bombing: 132 people died, which is the most all at once since 2007. The new...

Barack Obama Wants Every Sports Team To Win World Series

Barack Obama is in a pickle! Much like his best friend, Hillary Clinton, Obama has found himself supporting multiple baseball teams that he doesn't like at all in order to win evil blood money "swing state" votes. He claims...

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