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Nice Ann Romney Dragged Before Obamacare Death Panel, On Twitter

Man, you leave Twitter for an hour, and when you come back an entire 5-season telenovela has already played out. Now? Someone has taken that nice Ann Romney and shoved her before an Obamacare Death Panel! (If you are ever before an Obamacare Death Panel, you better pray to your uncaring God that check-kiting grifter and evil moon-muffin Newt Gingrich isn’t chairing it.) Huh? We said, because that is craaaazy. Well, it seems Democratic personage Hilary Rosen went on Anderson Cooper and bitched a little that Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life — which is true — but then tried to back it up by blaming Mittens for saying that Ann campaigns a lot without him and always reports back that women are worried about the economy. Rosen tried to spin this, completely disingenuously, as Mittens claiming Ann is an expert on women and the economy. No, he said she reports back that that’s what women are talking about. Shut up Hilary Rosen. And shut up Romney campaign manager Eric Fehrnstrom. Nobody believes you no matter how many times you repeat your “Mostly False” bullshit about 92 percent of jobs lost under Obama being women’s. That is an unpossible number. Like, that is higher than Obama’s share of the black vote, almost, maybe! And while we’re at it, shut up newest Breitbart on the block “Washington Free Beacon,” which yesterday had a story about an Obama campaign staffer being a misogynist because she follows Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, Alec Baldwin, and “notorious womanizer” and Republican former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, on Twitter. Read more on Nice Ann Romney Dragged Before Obamacare Death Panel, On Twitter…