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Raise Less Corn, More Hell

Welcome to your third annual rendition of “Mi Mamacita Communista.” You will be reading this sucker today, next year, the year after that, and forever until you die. It is Wonket Law. And so today is May Day! We can have — or heave! — a cocktail for the working man. We can put on Our Marching Zapatos of Ocupado Justice! We can do lots and loads of things! But me, I’m missing mi mamacita communista. She didn’t die or anything, she just retired and moved back to Oklahoma, where they still (unaccountably) haven’t burned her for a witch. These are things my mother taught me. * The dog can drink out of the pool. * It’s best if the babies are naked. * Protesting is fun! Marching is better! * It is our patriotic duty to cuss loud and creatively. Lenny Bruce wants us to stick it to the squares. For America. And the children. * Good names for America’s pets and children include Rosie, Emma, Fidel and Diego, and any of her children who don’t comply will have their kids’ and pets’ names changed unilaterally. Rodents should be named after baked goods. Read more on Raise Less Corn, More Hell…
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Romney Campaign Adds ‘Chains’ To List Of Words Joe Biden Is Not Allowed To Say

The Romney Campaign just cannot believe it this time, and you will not either. You will be so embarrassed at the shameful tactics of your side, and will agree completely with the campaign’s demand for an apology. You guys, Joe Biden said “chains.” Read more on Romney Campaign Adds ‘Chains’ To List Of Words Joe Biden Is Not Allowed To Say…