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Tag: won’t someone think of the children

Lion wasn't paying attention during the employee orientation

Virginia Legislature Saves Children From All That Porn In Schools

Both houses of the Virginia General Assembly have passed a bill requiring teachers to give advance notice to parents of "sexually explicit" passages in assigned reading, and to make alternate assignments available to parents who don't want their Special...
Next time she'll just say 'Blistering blue barnacles!"

Bad Mommy Says Swear In Front Of Her Kids, Gets Arrested In Front Of Her Kids

A South Carolina mom was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct last Sunday after saying "fuck" -- specifically, the adjectival form, "fucking" -- in front of her children in a North Augusta grocery store. The woman was overheard destroying...

Wingnuts Furious: Texas Kids Design Imaginary Flags For Nonexistent Pretend Socialist Nation

Pity the poor children of Texas. Not only do they have to live in a state full of Texans, but many of them are at high risk of growing up to be Texans, too. Oh, and on top of...