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Google ‘Spreading Santorum’ A Little Less When It Comes To Rick Santorum

  topping from the bottom

Former Pennsylvania (?) Senator Rick Santorum initially rose to prominence when it was discovered that his last name is — go figure! — a perfect homonym with “santorum,” the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is ...


Bristol Palin Has Some Other New TV Show About Stuff

  500 emmys

A hot new reality show “chronicling Bristol Palin’s life as a young, single mother living in the spotlight of being Sarah Palin’s daughter” has been picked up on the vagina network, ...


Dumb People Not Clever Enough To Choose Smart Candidates

  new study proves it

Why do dumb people always vote for terrible candidates? It’s because they’re dumb! This is according to new scientific studies, according to some website:

The research, led by ...

Solve Diabetes & the Environment By Playing Dodgeball For Charity In DC

  and keep yourself from getting diabetes too!

Do you live in the Washington DC metro area and enjoy hipster irony such as “playing dodgeball,” on your weekend, when you should really be at home meditating on the emptiness of your life? Well, by all means you should play dodgeball for charity on March 11. Get ...


Elderly Bachelor Tells Women How Jesus Will Allow Them To Get Pregnant

  sex ed

An elderly lifelong bachelor who lives with hundreds of other old, single men in a stylish European capital city has given strict orders to the world’s women and married heterosexual couples on the MOAR WORDS!