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It’s Your Super Duper Mega-Nice 2016 Ultimate Nice Time Compendium!

We could all use some Nice Time about now. Here, have a whole lot of it.
'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.' -- Douglas Adams

2016 Was One Heck Of A Year For The Journamalisms!

2016 was a surprisingly good year for some surprisingly good journalism.
Remain calm. Everything is norbal.

What Is This Thing Called Wonket? Is It Mean, Funny, Fake, Or Just ‘Different’? A Guide For Brad

In reply to a reader query, we try to explain what we do here.

Put Thanksgiving In Your Mouth With Grown-Up Baked Mac And Cheese, For Grown-Ups

This Wonkette classic was not originally a Thanksgiving recipe, but now America says it's OK to eat mac and cheese on Thanksgiving, hooray! We will be making this for OUR family, and you should too. Baking macaroni and cheese on...

Thank You

Thanks for being there when we needed you. We'll be there for you too.

Wonkette All About Ethics In Gaming Journalism, A Review Of Our Own Elections Of US America – The Card Game

The damn card games are FINALLY here! Check out this bitchen' review we did of our own game, which is totally legit. Le-what? Le-git!

Sucks How Secret CIA Spy Anderson Cooper Plans To Rig Second Debate For Hillary Clinton

Guess this is just what happens when you allow the world to be ruled by Obama's Army of Beyoncés. :(
beat it, poors

What’s Up With All These Dumb Gross Ads At Yr Wonkette Dot Com? A Wonksplainer

Wonkers! There you are, just trying to read your dick jokes in peace, and some fucking thing keeps looping and crashing your browser. Or there's a fucking poll that sounds like it was written by Steven Crowder (it probably...

RNC Day Three: Greta Van Susteren And Jonah Goldberg Did Not Give Us The Norovirus

We guess they could have, but they probably didn't.

Would You Like Wonkette In Your Box Every Morning?

How long has it been since you examined your box? Do you like to examine it in the morning, when the sunlight hits it just right? When you examine your box, tell us, is Wonkette in it? Send a...

Wonkette Is World Famous On CNN!

It is getting hard to remember all the places Wonkette is world famous. Rachel Maddow wants to gay marry us and we haven't set a date, but it's gonna happen, honest. Wonkette's Evan Hurst (me) is world famous in...
Wonkette baby and some dogs.

Oregon Militia In Jail, Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Hilarious Now. Your Weekly Top Ten

What up my Wonkers? Oh my goodness, can you believe people are about to actually start VOTING in this primary, which has already been going on since the Reagan administration? It's true! Iowa is Monday! And hey Iowa Wonkers,...

Sarah Palin’s Arizona Sex Pad Is On The Market, And Wonkette Wants It

Do you have $2,499,000 lying around, perhaps under your mattress or maybe in your Amazon dot com gift card account? Would you like to put it to good use by buying yr Wonkette a 7,971 square foot fuckpad in Scottsdale?...
Fame and fortune except the fortune part.

Wonkette’s Evan Hurst Is World-Famous In Memphis: A Story By Evan Hurst

Oh hi, do you know me? I am one of your Wonkettes, and I am the most famous person in the universe. I am taking a break from having brunch with Taylor Swift, saying "Oh no she di'int" about...