It can be hard to know when to compare yourself to a victim of genocide, as Tom Perkins learned recently, and many, many other people learned never. We understand. We’re here to help.

This website still exists. It’s a political weblog, known for “rounding up” the day’s Internet news pages and offering unique “online-only” points-of-view on the Beltway’s goings-on. Someone should have taken a photo of it and placed it within the text of “Chapter 12: Surfing Out Into the World Wide Web” in the American history file […]

I fell in love with Wonkette while I was interning at Teen Vogue, one of my 700 college internships and I can remember the post that did it for me. I just spent the last 10 minutes (sixty lifetimes, in blogger years) searching for this article that made me laugh so hard I had to […]

Once upon a time, I had a dream. It wasn’t like a Martin Luther King Jr. type get to the mountaintop dream. It was just one of your run-of-the-mill approaching middle age staring into the existential maw and wishing something would pull you back from the precipice things. And lo, there was Wonkette. My beacon, […]

So after a whopping year and a half of doing the mommyblog thing, six months of that on a full-time, Rebecca-owns-my-ass basis, I can confidently say that I still feel like Charlie Bucket at the Chocolate Factory. Except that now I also know just how badly the taffy filters can get clogged with Oompa-Loompa hair. […]

Congratulations, Wonkette, your relationship with the Internet has lasted longer than the average American marriage. It is hard to believe you have managed to stay together all these years given the quantity of insults, childish behavior and emotional abuse you have hurled at each other, but this is simply proof of the Bible’s number one […]

By the Comics Curmudgeon Hello children! Let me tell you a story of a magical time, February of 2006, when a young man, if by young you mean “31-year-old,” wrote to his favorite blog, Wonkette, asking to be an unpaid intern, at 31. Unpaid internships were not a Political Issue then, so why not, right? […]

Oh, hi, good people of Wonkette. My name is Jason, and when Rebecca reached out to me to tell me that today is the 10th Anniversary of Wonkette, “and some old editors are writing posts about their time there or whatever,” I thought to myself, “Wow. Has it been ten years? Or are one of […]

A thousand years ago, in 2006, I joined Wonkette.com as co-editor alongside David Lat. We were not very good at this job, and Lat wisely quit a few months later to go do things he actually was interested in instead. I continued on. I was ten years old and had no clue what I was […]

Hello. My name is Sara Benincasa. I am an author of books and a comedian of comedies. I live in Los Angeles. I have been an occasional contributor to yr Wonkette since 2010, when foolish Ken Layne let me write a kolumn called “Barry Can You Hear Me?” I’ve been a reader and commenter since […]

It was seven unlucky years ago when a handsome young man named Alex Pareene typed to me on G-chat with a sex proposition: “Save me from guest editor hell,” he said. Pareene, an NYU film school dropout who had recently taken over the politics blog Wonkette from its founding editor Ana Marie Cox, now needed […]

Hello bitchez! Do you know what today is? It is the tenth anniversary of your Wonkette. (Actually, tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of your Wonkette, but tomorrow is Saturday and you will be drunk.) We know this because we tweeted at Ana Marie Cox and asked her “oh hey, do you happen to know when […]

Now that 2013 is getting death paneled by that patriarchal sombitch Father Time, all Very Serious Journalists must submit their Best Of StuffTM listicles and reviews so they do not actually have to work on New Year’s Day but can instead nurse their hangovers with some hair of the dog or whatever. While we at […]

We are in DC just in time for Gubmint Shutdown Happy Good Times Fun! Hooray! So we, along with all you federal workers, poured some vodka on our corn flakes and went out for a good time. Let’s see us!

Just kidding, no we didn’t. We saw Dallas from our Aunt Annie’s house, because of how she lives there. And we saw … some of you! We forget who you were, because of how it has now been 127 years since our Wonk Your Brains Out Midwest Southwest World Tour And Orgy ended, and we […]