Your editor was fiddling with his phone outside Madison Square Garden on his way to see a depressing Georgetown basket-ball loss last night when he came across a confused, aimless, voter-hated Chris Dodd. Dodd appeared to be holding some kind of large purse and asked a police officer for directions. After looking around a few […]

Today is a rather slow news day. Sure, we could post about Chris Christie and Mike Bloomberg not personally plowing snow out of people’s streets. There’s always a Palin thing. Today: The people of Alaska officially hate her, and the state governor’s office still won’t release her e-mails. But let’s just do an old-fashioned Wonk’d. […]

No, your eyes do not deceive you: That is in fact a tiny cell phone picture of some nice lady giving Chuck Schumer a “purple nurple.” Would it surprise you to find out that this lady is a faithful Wonkette fan? Probably not! Would it surprise you to find out that she molested New York’s […]

Wonkette operative “Lydia” send this multimedia message from her cell phone: “I’m in line @ security & noticed this guy from the politics.”

We guess New York Times op-ed satirist Thomas Friedman went so broke with the collapse of his wife’s shopping-center fortune that now he’s forced to ride the Metro like a common poor person who doesn’t even understand how playing golf in China explains the miraculous way KFC and Taco Bell often share the same building […]

So we did a midsummer slow news day’s Wonk’d yesterday and what do you know, another billion Wonk’d sightings arrived in out Tips Box this morning. It’s like you people can be easily manipulated by suggestion. “Here are some Wonkette readers sending us Wonk’d items … this means you must do the same, reader.” And […]

Wonkette operative “Miriam H.” sends us this historic photo of our nation’s greatest president, George W. Bush, at a Texas baseball game today, where he threw out the first pitch. He is looking east at Mecca because it is that time of day. This is the closest a Wonkette operative has ever gotten to George […]

EMERGENCY WONK'D  2:11 pm November 11, 2008

Cut-Nut’s On The Lam!

by Jim Newell

Wonkette clutch operative “Mark” writes, “I saw Ashley Todd in a Barnes & Noble in Pittsburgh. Her wounds have healed, though she looked a little nervous. She was just drinking a coffee and reading a magazine. I would call her a freeloader for not working at 11 AM on a Tuesday and reading magazines she […]

Wonkette Bitter operative “Carl” brings us a very important EMERGENCY WONK’D today, in which he spots Barack Obama at Eliot Spitzer’s hooker hotel in Washington D.C. Barry, of course, is in town today to vote in favor of the illegal FISA overhaul. But mostly he is just talking on his cell phone and riding in […]

Endless Simmer blogger “gansie” sent us this startling image of beloved D.C. pundit Andrew Sullivan blogging at a Subway sandwich shop. Really! (Unless this is the strangest use of Photoshop in History.) The shocking report: “Tuesday 4/29 — 6:30 p.m.: Andrew Sullivan in full blogging mode — at Subway!” It’s the one at 16th and […]