We don’t know, maybe Sara actually IS going to kick coffee. She sure says she did it, so we will leave it to you to decide whether that is real or a Big Troll. We clutched our Old Handsome Joe Biden mug closer when we read it. There was also some kind of ultimate Sportsball […]

It is no secret that we are totally gay for Rachel Maddow, who thinks that Yr. Wonkette is “profane and wonderful.” And Thursday she was in Full Nerdgirl mode, geeking out over newly-discovered audiotapes from Richard Nixon’s infamous Oval Office recording trove. But in these 1971 recordings, Nixon’s not plotting to cover up Watergate or […]

This is encouraging! For all of us who wondered how we’ll ever get along come 2017, when a new president means we’ll be starved of “Obama is a muslin” stories, Washington Times columnist Robert Knight is auditioning a new possibility: Maybe Hillary Clinton worships Baal, a generic name for any one of several local deities […]

PepsiCo’s president is some dumb lady, Indra Nooyi we guess, and she was pretty excited when she got some dumb important job, instead of knowing where her real priorities should lie. (“Family.” “It’s all about family.” Which is in no way a sentiment that brings out the worst vice-cloaked-as-virtue Americans are prone to, the xenophobic […]

So now that the Hobby Lobby case has established once and for all the sacred right of employers to crack down on rowdy ladyparts, Rick Santorum’s Echolight Studios wants you all to know that they just happen to have a movie in the works that includes a discussion of Hobby Lobby — what excellent timing! […]

Insufferable smugbunny Jesse Watters, who does innovative comedy clips involving record-scratch sound effects for The O’Reilly Factor, scored some major ha-has at the 2014 National Organization for Women (NOW) conference in Albuquerque before he was booted by security for not having a press pass. Get this: he offended one lady by calling her a “gal!” […]

Big News for Prolife Budget Hawks: The Michigan state legislature, which can’t afford anything anymore, did some Fiscal Responsibility the other day, appropriating $800,000 to “promote childbirth” and encourage pregnant ladies not to have no ‘bortions. It won’t include any money to actually help feed babbies or anything, but it will throw nearly a million […]

Well how’s this for brand expansion? At some point that we were blessedly unaware of, the Breitbart Empire got itself a London bureau, and yesterday it ran a thoughtful piece explaining that, for the sake of not harming any innocent victims, anonymity for rape suspects should be the norm. After all, no decent fellow should […]

Sometimes people claim that conservatives don’t know what’s funny, but Sean Hannity knows what’s funny, like calling women “genitalia.” In an interview with frothing radio rodent Mark Levin, who defended the honor of ladies everywhere by telling Martin Bashir not to feed Sarah Palin a dookie, Hannity got some world-class giggles when Levin made a […]

Colorado Republicans had a gubernatorial debate Tuesday, and they put to rest any doubts that the party takes women seriously, with a lighthearted introduction to the debate that framed it as a political Dating Game — so kawaii, so fetch! Ain’t no “war on women” you guys, because Republicans just looove the Ladies!

One of the fun things about curating the comment queue is that we occasionally get brand-new comments on posts that are weeks or months old — such is the nature of the interwebs and search engines. And so today, we are delighted to bring you a Dear Shitferbrains comprising recent outrage over stuff that was […]

Michele Bachmann took a courageous stand today against authorizing a National Women’s History Museum that’s proposed for the National Mall. We know the gals like shopping, but instead of the Mall, wouldn’t a better place be the National Kitchen? We’re just glad there’s a woman willing to stand up and say no to women’s history, […]

So, it turns out that there are two kinds of “sharia law.” One is the kind that teabaggers and paranoids think is sneaking into all the schools because some 11th-graders in a language club said the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. You know, the completely imaginary kind. The other is the actual system of Islamic […]

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in with America’s Worst “Historian,” David Barton; last time we talked about him was in November, when he was explaining the science of how Abortion causes climate change. Following that detour into the sciences, he seems to have returned to his primary field of study, lying about […]

It’s always kind of exciting to see a rising star in the rightwing mediasphere, and we’re definitely going to have to keep an eye on young Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, the charmer who has prayed for the death of Barack Obama, and more recently got our attention for his […]