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Hey, Did All You Woman Protesters Pick Up Your George Soros Checks Yet?

Fox News shows us how to lie while saying something that's technically factual

Putin Signs Law Allowing Russians To Beat Their Wives Once A Year, Because Traditional Values

'If he beats you, it means he loves you' -- Old Russian Proverb

Was It A Good Idea For Tennessee Yarn Shop Owner To Piss Off Feminist Knitters, Y/N?

Feminist knitters are basically all of the knitters.

The Women’s March Didn’t Represent This One Lady, So Let’s All Just Pack It In Now

Inconsiderate Women's March participants marched for things they wanted, instead of what this one lady on Facebook thought was more important. How rude!

We’re Still Going To Call You A Racist Piece Of Shit If You Are A Racist Piece Of Shit, Hooray!

Trump supporters are in for an upset if they think they can now let their bigot flags fly without anyone shaming them.
Logically consistent since 1964

God Spares Phyllis Schlafly Sight Of First Woman President

Phyllis Schlafly is up in heaven now, telling all the lady angels to get back in the kitchen.

Trump Plays Fantasy SCOTUSball, Picks Judge Who Hates Him

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee and Dark Lord of the Sith Donald Trump climbed atop his podium to announce his potential SCOTUS picks yesterday, and they were pretty much the same wingnuts and religious zealots the GOP's been ramming and...
Not an abortion

Tennessee Pastor Knows You’d Be Real Sad Right Now If You Were An Abortion

Pastor Ben Bailey of Tennessee's Gospel Of Christ Ministries is glad to be with us today, and glad not to be an abortion, so he can Jesus-splain how sad we'd be if we were an abortion. This is like one of...
South Carolina woman no longer protected by the 14th Amendment, we guess.

South Carolina Waves Constitution Around To Prove Gays Can’t Get Married And Ladies Are Chattel

The Supreme Court is planning to hear arguments at the end of April in Buttsechs v. Phyllis Schlafly (not what it's really called), the case they will most likely use to permanently cram gay marriage into the throats and bottoms of...

Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn Denies White House Bid, Maybe, Probably, Who Even Knows?

Is it 2016 yet? Have we inaugurated Hillary Clinton already? CNN BREAKING NEWS: No, it is only 2014. Yet rumors persist about who is and is not running for President to replace Our Dreamy Guiding Star of Socialist Hippie...

Scalia Wrote Supreme Court’s Order Allowing Texas Abortion Law To Remain In Effect, Is A Dick

The story so far: Under a hail of imaginary bricks and pee jars and real sexy Wendy Davises, Texas's state legislature passed a law that says all current abortion providers must have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30...

Global Nice Time: Saudi Ladies First People In History To Use Rosa Parks Analogy Correctly

You know when someone is a Men's Rights Activist, or when someone is Ted Yoho, and they are all up in Rosa Parks's business claiming the mantle of Civil Rights and Rosa Parksiness for their very anti-Rosa Parks goals?...

Nation Celebrates Roe v. Wade Birthday With Scary Videos, Hypocrisy, Balloons

Libruls really hit the holiday jackpot this week! First, we had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration Day at the same time, which appropriately coincided with the made-up Fox News holiday, "Sadness Day" (a holiday Olds celebrate by...

Karen Santorum Proves Rick Doesn’t Hate Women: He Cleaned Kitchen a Few Times

Rick Santorum is not a vagina-hating monster, according to Rick Santorum's wife. What evidence have you to submit in the idiot's favor, Karen, or will you merely plead insanity? "When I was doing my book tours," she offers in...

WI Lawmakers Bravely Avoid Urgent Bills In Favor of More Rules For Uteri

Every day is now "women are deranged child-eating sluts who should be slapped" day, as evidenced by the fact that this is 130% of what has been appearing in our Google Reader for news-cycle eternity. Your Wonkette warblog has...

Arizona So Going To Win This Birth Control Coverage Denial Contest

Arizona heard there was some serious crazy goin' around the country, some of that fun vagina-hatin' crazy, so they said to themselves, is someone doin' crazy better than Arizona these days? STEP ASIDE. *CRACKS KNUCKLES.* Only a pansy...