women in combat

Good morning! We would tell you that it is time to direct some media criticism at the Daily Caller, but that would be like telling you we were going to perform a linear regression analysis on a pile of horse diarrhea, so instead we will just say they are still quite stupid and get on […]

Indeed, Private Emily Tomkins, a British medic lass serving in Afghanistan, carried a soldier who’d just lost both legs to safety — but did she unbind her heaving bosoms and grant him a life-saving peeksie? A WOUNDED squaddie who had just lost both legs in a Taliban bomb blast begged a medic to show him […]

Original Mens Rights Activist Phyllis Schlafly, that grand old thing, has some thoughts on women in combat. She is against it. She is against it for all your standard Phyllis Schlafly reasons, but adds in one extra, just to keep things spicy: Men will not be able to stop themselves from the temptation of raping […]