A couple of short items from Outer Wingnuttia today. Our first is this insight from American Family Association Radio host Sandy Rios, who explained Friday that she understands how the gays say they love each other, but then again, creepy rapist/kidnapper Ariel Castro said he “loved” his victims, and pedophiles say they “love” their victims […]

Noted First Amendment scholar and bff to your Wonket Bradlee Dean knows a thing or two about the media: First, he knows that he can sue you if you libel him by quoting him verbatim. Second, he knows who is to blame (applaud?) for the George Zimmerman acquittal, and that is the media, because of […]

Remember how last week we all got a little teary-eyed at the courage of Malala Yousafzai, who survived being shot in the head last fall by extremists who don’t want Pakistani girls to go to school, and who addressed the United Nations last week and talked about the importance of education, and its power to […]

Well here’s a fun story where we can enjoy saying the hell with just about everybody, yay! On the one hand, you’ve got General Mills, a soulless megacorporation that is, OK, slightly less awful than many, because gay-friendly policies and all, yes, very nice, and we can get behind that because good corporate citizenship and all, […]

It’s Monday, which means it’s time to open up the old email inbox and muck out all the Nazi analogies that have piled up over the weekend. Today brings us a generous offer from wingnut Matt Barber: “Attached is a column submission for your consideration. Re-print permission granted.” Well, hey, free content! Oh, wait, it’s […]

ATTENTION CHERISHED CORPORATE SPONSORS: The above disgusting manipulation of First Lady Michelle Obama is disgusting, and we endorse its use for two purposes only: Art, and to show everybody what despicable bilge passes for appropriate advertising at WorldNetDaily, a U.S. top-500 website that employs a former Senator and also takes monies from many private companies, […]

Poopypants draft dodger Ted Nugent loves America and the Constitution so much, you guys! He’s even got a plan to save our land from the flood of Messicans by sentencing all illegal immigrants to 5 years of indentured servitude, after which they can stay, maybe. In a WND column that reads like something a group […]

Big news, everyone! No, not this stupid WND story about an attempt to appeal a birther lawsuit to the Alabama Supreme Court — that’s not especially surprising, and as always, birthers can go drink a dick. The really big news is that birthers have finally Frank Luntzed their branding: apparently the preferred nomenclature is now […]

WorldNetDaily columnist Ben Kinchlow would like someone to explain to him just what the hell is the logic of having a government based on the most brilliant freedom-protecting document in the history of the world, the U.S. Constitution, if that document’s protections are going to be extended to people who we all know are guilty […]

Joseph Farah, the editor of Serious News Outlet WorldNet Daily, has a Serious Question he wishes you to consider: “Are we better off now than we were in 1776?” And while the real answer involves glancing at the illustration above, remembering that women couldn’t vote until 1919, rolling our eyes, and saying “Duh, Joe,” we […]

Wow, Your Wonkette is maybe in danger of becoming Bradlee Dean Fanservice Central, but let us just say, the man does keep giving, does he not? Let us not forget that, when he’s not having his lackeys send empty legal threats to innocent mommyblogs, Mr. Dean also has a very important job as a professional […]

John Rocker, a famous racist person whose steroid use 15 years ago propelled him temporarily into Major League Baseball, has opinions and stuff. Like many dense white people who lost their only job to more talented foreign individuals, Rocker has found solace in the sewage treatment plant of the web that is World Net Daily. […]

Nowhere in this charming Media Matters story about the right-wing Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast denying that WND founder and noted sane person Joseph Farah is either an invited speaker or honored guest does it come right out and say that Joseph Farah was the one who announced himself as the invited speaker/honored guest. So we […]

The good folks of WND are award-winning journalists for a reason, and that reason is that they are NOT CRAZY AT ALL. Having failed to impeach the usurper (YET), and having failed with their clever extra-democratic plan to deny him a quorum of electors, they have demanded that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts refrain […]

So yesterday Your Wonkette had an amusing little story about how the loons at WorldNetDaily won a prestigious award for their journamalism, given by some fellow loons at “The Discerning Times,” a Christianist newspaper and website in Enumclaw, Washington. Shortly after the story went up, we received a note on the Wonkette Tipline (thanks, Anonymous!), […]