No one could have predicted something like this: Dereck Simonsmeier, a 24-year-old Responsible Gun Owner and advocate of going around armed all the time, because the Constitution lets you, gained some bigtime attention a week back when he wrote an impassioned guest column for the Wausau Daily Herald about being victimized for his commitment to […]

Say you are a Wisconsin millionaire repo man who doesn’t want to pay so much gosh-darned child support, and you would like to get a law passed that says “stop class-warring job creators by making them feed their children all the time.” Wouldn’t it be great if there were someone you could call who would […]

Hey, remember how Scott Walker declared Wisconsin wide open for business, told public employee unions to STFU, and the state dropped to new lows in job creation? Now some bright minds in the state lege have a can’t-miss proposal to bring prosperity roaring right back: a bill that would allow workers to “volunteer” to work […]

Ooh, boy howdy, Republicans, Rep. Sean Duffy (R-REAL WORLD) sure is not happy with you these days and all the terrible things that come out of your vomit holes, what make you look like a bunch of jerks. “From my perspective, and I come from a very 50-60 district in central and northern Wisconsin, you […]

In a blow to freedom and weirdass trendiness, the Snuggle House, an innovative business in Madison, Wisconsin, where for $60 an hour you could get all therapeutically cuddled with a “professional snuggler,” has closed. The innocent cuddle-hos of the twee “touch therapy” business were driven out of business by city officials who thought that all […]

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is one of those Republican thought leaders who’s been saying that his party really needs to do a better job of reaching out to minority voters. That would probably be a lot easier if he didn’t have to keep firing his own aides for saying racist stuff on the social media, […]

Happy Saturday, Wonkaroonies, and welcome to another installment of Derp Roundup, where we stomp on a bunch of stories that were too stoopid to ignore altogether, but not quite enough to do a full post on, to squeeze out whatever funny may still be in them. If the mixture tastes a little off, add booze. […]

In our Professional Journamalism Files today, a tale of Best Editorial Practices, as turned up by Tommy Christopher at Mediaite. On Thursday, CNN ran a story about a clinic in Wisconsin where the poors are having a heck of a hard time getting enrolled in the Affordable Care Act. Over a chyron reading “Clinic has […]

A Verona, Wisconsin, golf course has apologized for its well-thought-out 9/11 commemoration, an ad that offered to remember the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon with a golf discount: “9 holes with cart for only $9.11 per person or 18 holes with cart for only 19.11. 9/11/13 Only!” TOO […]

You know, any right-wing jerkoff can compare Democrats/the gays/undocumented immigrants/kittens to Hitler. In fact, there’s probably some sort of special right-wing keyboard that comes with a macro for just that so they can be all efficient-like. But it takes some real over-the-top proactive synergized thinking to skip Hitler and go right on up to SATAN […]

Greetings faithful Wonkettes! What a perfect crapstorm of a week in guns, what with people shooting unarmed people and then other people screaming that they were justified and courts agreeing and then the rest of us bleeding from our ear holes, because of all the screaming. But under all the screaming there were a couple […]

By now you have probably read about the Great TAMPONGHAZI!!!! at the Texas capitol building in Austin Friday. While the state senate went through their little Kabuki theater to pass a bill with stringent restrictions on abortion, everybody entering the gallery to watch the performance got searched for contraband tampons by officers of the Department […]

Pity the poor lady Republicans who can’t seem to keep their menfolk in line. After Republicans learned the hard way that saying stupid shit about rape and abortion is not actually a winning electoral strategy (just ask Senators Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock), there was some chatter about maybe not doing that anymore. Some of […]

Keeping up with the anti-abortion laws coming out of the state legislatures these days is a little like playing a demented game of Whack-A-Mole: no sooner does one pop up over here for you to club over the head than another one pops up over there, and you try to club that one too, and […]

Would you believe that holding a recruitment drive for the NSA is, well, not so easy these days? Apparently some Americans — probably just the ones who are not quite desperate enough for gainful employment and medical benefits — are a little bit uncomfortable with working for an agency that is explicitly tasked with secretly […]