wisconsin protests

Uh oh, progressive governor Scott Walker would like to say “thank you” to the men and women who work in public service. That can’t be good. He wants you to send him the names, personal contact information, and places of work of certain state employees. So he’s finally finished those gas chambers he was working […]

ON WISCONSIN! The state Department of Regulation and Licensing and the Medical Examining Board said Wednesday that they had opened investigations into eight individuals who allegedly wrote doctor excuse notes for protesters at the state Capitol during rallies in February. Last month, the Department of Regulation and Licensing said it had identified 11 people who […]

Scott Walker lost control of his state supreme court yesterday when commie pinko JoAnne Kloppenburg defeated conservative David Prosser’s bid for re-election, though the race will probably end in a recount. How on Earth could a shoo-in for easy re-election like a supreme court justice with no real scandals on his record lose? WELL IT’S […]

Though state supreme court elections are typically decided by which name seems less weird when voters hover over that section of the ballot they know nothing about, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has raised the stakes of politics so much lately by trying to ruin everyone’s life that people actually turned out in droves yesterday for […]

Hey look, the black boots have been brought in to protect the state senators and their illegal lawmaking in the locked-down capitol building. Republicans sure do want the protestors to get violent, huh? A fatal shooting is just what this situation needs. Or perhaps it needs more noise? Some guy sent us a link to […]

Times are tough for journalists covering the standoff over collective bargaining in Wisconsin. Just how many days in a row are you supposed to write this “There are still protests and the state senators are still floating on a lazy river at some hotel in Illinois” story? The protestors and the legislators may be able […]

Scott Walker’s new cops are really good at their jobs! This state representative should know better. You have to pretend to be a Koch brother to enter that building.

The un-benevolent ruling regime in Wisconsin got tired of those working people occupying the capitol, so this week the Republican authorities brought in new police officers to enforce the new, made-up occupancy limits. How strict is this enforcement? Firefighters responding to an emergency call in the capitol building weren’t allowed inside, either. Somebody could have […]

The Republicans in Wisconsin’s state senate have decided they’ve had enough of watching their poll numbers plummet runaway Democrats trying to murder democracy itself in a knife-fight of evil vs. good. The Republicans voted unanimously yesterday that Democrats are in contempt and ordered state law enforcement to detain them and bring them back to the […]

How are all these Fox News reporters still alive considering they’re constantly being beaten to a bloody pulp by Wisconsin protestors’ surf boards? Be careful out there, you guys. Wear sunscreen. [YouTube]

What is Meghan McCain up to these days? When she’s not buying AC/DC pajamas at Walmart for her new Daily Beast colleagues Howard Kurtz and Andrew Sullivan, she’s been very hard at work composing her fortnightly column. Yes, that’s every two weeks. What a workload! Tina Brown should be careful; Meghan could hurt her back […]

Masses of people in Wisconsin have been peacefully protesting for weeks now, because of their governor’s decision to take away worker’s rights for no good reason; not a single protester in Madison haseven been arrested. But that hasn’t stopped Fox News from trying to convict them all. Witness this hilarious report from Fox’s Mike Tobin […]

As union protests rage on and state legislatures are at a standstill, one figure has emerged on the side of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who can solve all of this: Pedobear. If Walker doesn’t value the teachers of his state enough to let them have worker rights, Pedobear is a perfectly good alternative. He loves […]

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is rather busy these days, considering the state capitol and capital is flooded with protestors. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to talk to David Koch for 20 minutes on the taxpayer-funded phone in his taxpayer-funded office. Unfortunately for Walker, the “David Koch” he talked to for 20 minutes […]

Rick Santorum is not exactly creating a lot of buzz or momentum in the early stages of his attempt to run for president, so he’s just going to throw some metaphors out there and see if they stick. “What these folks are in Washington is no better than a drug dealer,” he said. And the […]