Here’s the thing about the Navy: it needs more ships. And possibly more bayonets, so as not to offend the bayonet-Americans. But definitely more ships. This is self-evidently true according to presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who astutely observed the other night that our air force is “older than any time since 1947.” This is also […]

Oh hi, judicial branch of the United States, how are you serving as a check or balance on the executive and legislative branches of government today? Why, by allowing the federal government to spy on Americans’ communications without warrants or exposure to lawsuits in order to keep us SAFE, of COURSE, which is exactly as […]

TOP  11:20 am December 6, 2007

Paultards Suffer Crushing Reality Check

by Jim Newell

WIRED  11:41 am October 26, 2007

Hello Blackwater!

by John Clarke Jr.

CIA  12:52 pm October 23, 2007

CIA’s Call of the Wild

by Jim Newell