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This isn’t nice at all: Sally Atwater, the not especially articulate candidate for South Carolina schools superintendent, isn’t just unclear on what her positions are; turns out that the widow of the great Republican communications master Lee Atwater is also facing a lawsuit alleging that she verbally abused her special education students and shoved a […]

Did you know that Barack Hussein NOoBaMA is such a racist against white people, because three black dudes were idiots outside a Philadelphia polling site once, and also because how dare he say the Cambridge police acted stupidly just because they arrested a black Harvard professor inside his own home, for B&E? Yup, that sure […]

Okay, here is your post about the Most Offensive and Terrible Campaign Video Ever, which mostly serves to make us wonder: is the right wing lunatic fringe finally starting to grasp irony? No, probably not, or maybe it’s fake. But maybe they are getting closer, which will be a weird day for comedy. The terrible […]

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE has pledged to recycle smear campaigns and political spin! Yes, MICHAEL STEELE has finally done it! He’s bringing back all your favorites: “flip-flopper” … WILLIE HORTON … “cut and run” … “Why did the Democrats flip-flop and let Willie Horton cut and run?” […]

SHE'S BLACK FOR CHRISSAKE  2:47 pm July 15, 2009

by Jim Newell

PAT BUCHANAN URGES MORE RACISM AGAINST SOTOMAYOR: Former Nixon racism strategist Pat Buchanan does not understand why a few of these current Republican leaders continually reject the obvious political benefits of just being completely racist all the time: “Had McCain been willing to drape Jeremiah Wright around the neck of Barack Obama, as Lee Atwater […]

Is this even possible, the lameness of this? Here we have a screenshot of this gal’s Twitter feed, on a college Republicans’ site called “Life In The Field,” presumably about GOP volunteer kids. All 50 of them! Oh and then one of her Twitter buddies says, “i hope @atodd gets caught in her lie.”

Never mind the murdered black bear covered in Obama signs, the 78-year-old black Baptist preacher and Army veteran whose Obama sign was replaced with a Confederate flag, the mass tire-slashings of cars parked at Obama rallies, or the “Kill him!” and “Terrorist!” chants at Palin’s klan rallies. What this campaign — meaning, “McCain’s campaign” — […]