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This Is A Really Good Song About How Hillary Clinton Is Super Evil And Coughs Sometimes

Sung by your boyfriend, William Tapley, third eagle of the apocalypse and co-prophet of these end times.

‘Co-Prophet Of These End Times’ William Tapley Sings Sweetest Donald Trump Jam You’ll Ever Hear

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived!

Great Beat, You Can Dance To It: Old Man Warbles Truths About Gay Obama Being Gay

Well, somebody is on the R-train all right! Via our favorite Bogg, T, we have this fabulous old man singing about Barack Obama being the first gay president. (NOBODY TELL HIM ABOUT LINCOLN PLEASE, OR THE OTHER ONE, THE...

Vampire Kings ‘Regulate Us Till We Bleed’

The art of protest balladry has long been associated with America's lesbian-pinko Bob Dylan left-wing, because of the record companies and their bedrugged teenaged audiences. But finally, as it did at CBGB in the 1970s, the art of the...