william shatner

We watched the entire Duggar clan in “19 Kids and Counting” again for you, you ingrates. We also watched Agents of SHIELD, which is way better than watching the Duggars, but is still not quite a top-notch TV experience. Get your face-stuffing on with our pork and apple casserole. James T. Kirk or William Shatner […]

Next time you go to a Comic Con, make sure you bring your wallet, as it will be $80 to take a photo with this former Illinois governor and $50 to get his autograph.

Did you see Sarah Palin’s goodbye speech? Neither did we! But we heard it was “special,” and that she even wrote it herself (which explains everything). Here’s Star Wars hero Dr. Spock reciting Palin’s mumbo-jumbo, with bongo accompaniment! [Conan O'Brien]