Don’t you just HATE how abortion clinics are like catnip for violent, dangerous “pro-lifers” who like to threaten and stalk and harass and terrorize — and, oh yeah, sometimes bomb and murder — doctors and their patients? Boy, those violent, dangerous “pro-lifers” sure do! That’s why they’re trying to shut down the abortion clinic in […]

Remember how, back in 2009, the “pro life” movement was horrified when its constant harassment and threats toward abortion providers inspired an extremist to murder Dr. George Tiller, and how it rethought those strategies in the wake of the killing? Yeah, neither do we. Four years on, a new clinic is opening to provide abortion […]

Election Sideshow Update: The city of Wichita, Kansas, is voting on a ballot measure that would, if passed, add fluoride to the city’s water for the first time since the John Birch Society pushed a referendum to ban fluoride in 1964. The measure, which deals with an issue that most municipalities in the country decided […]