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Michael Flynn’s Dead Friend Tried To Get Hillary’s Whitey Tape From Russia, Because He Was Stupid

This looks like the first evidence of attempted collusion between Trump people and Russia. Surprise, it is VERY DUMB.

‘Get Me Roger Stone’ Is A Very Good Movie About A Very Bad Human Being

One of the biggest deplorables in the basket.
Celing Putin is watching you masturbate

Russian Hackers Now Using Wikileaks As Sock Puppet. Thanks, Obama!

Happy Back To The Rat Race Day, Wonketariat! Are you looking forward to the coronation of the Khaleesi this week in Philadelphia, where the Democratic National Convention is expected to be a stark contrast to the shit cyclone that tore...


Oh goodness and BREAKING NEWS and whoop-de-doo, there was another Democratic debate Thursday night. It was riveting. (LIES!) No for real it was great. (YOU'VE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME.) Well they yelled at each other a lot, at least! Here...

GOP Will Release Benghazi Report In 2016 To Help Hillary Clinton, Obviously

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-Benghazi!!111!) went on the Fox News Greta Van Susteren program and dropped a surprising bombshell about the House's top secret investigation into Benghazi:  The report probably won't be released until 2016, right smack in the middle of...

Matt Drudge Has Found Barack Obama’s Whitey Tape For Real This Time He Swears

Matt Drudge will make you refresh a million times, as he updates his previous teases with "THE ACCENT... THE ANGER... THE ACCUSATIONS..." Fuck you Breitbart's Ghost, you never found this! Is this Obama's Whitey Tape? Yes.

One Year Has Passed, And ‘The Whitey Tape’ Remains Hidden

Of course it's Internet blog reporter Dave Weigel, covering the Washington Independent's "violent psychopaths and racists" beat, who's first to remember that tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of last year's most important breaking news story, one that we still...

Cindy McCain’s Angry Anti-Obama Rant Tape Discovered!

Why is Cindy McCain so angry all of the time? Can America afford to have a first lady who is such an angry angry harridan? What a terribly scary woman, with her angry rants! Ah well, at least she...