whitey tape

Matt Drudge will make you refresh a million times, as he updates his previous teases with “THE ACCENT… THE ANGER… THE ACCUSATIONS…” Fuck you Breitbart’s Ghost, you never found this!

Of course it’s Internet blog reporter Dave Weigel, covering the Washington Independent‘s “violent psychopaths and racists” beat, who’s first to remember that tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of last year’s most important breaking news story, one that we still think about, everyday, because what if it’s out there?? On May 16, 2008, blogger Larry Johnson […]

Why is Cindy McCain so angry all of the time? Can America afford to have a first lady who is such an angry angry harridan? What a terribly scary woman, with her angry rants! Ah well, at least she is not as terrifying as Michelle Obama, who has a classy hairdo and says classy things […]