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Lets Do History! 90 Years Ago, Donald Trump’s Dad Was Arrested At A KKK Riot.

Oh look. History done rhymed again.
We knew we'd heard that slogan before!

President Of America Donald Trump Gives Worse Statement On Nazis Than Mike Huckabee Does

Donald Trump just can't seem to say who might have been responsible for the murder in Charlottesville. Maybe radical Islam.

Sarah Palin Literally Just Went Full Nazi. This Is Not A Drill.

We're seriously not kidding.

How Are Americans Expressing Their Economic Anxiety Today?

It's morning in America, so you can read the racist graffiti more clearly.

Iowa Rep. Steve King Decides Now’s A Great Time To Get Neo-Nazi AF

Oh neat, now members of Congress are using actual White Power code words. THANKS TRUMP!

Donald Trump Campaign Likes Actual White Power ‘Media’ Dude More Than Your Wonkette. Weird!

Not content with throwing black people out of every rally, sometimes with their fists, the Donald J. Trump Campaign To Make America White Again has been credentialing actual White Power dudes -- like, the tattooed prison militia actual ones,...

We Talked To Trump’s Virginia Supporters. They Seem Nice!

The Donald Trump Traveling Merchandise Show came to Richmond International Raceway this week, giving yr Wonkette the opportunity to get to know the people who make up his populist movement. Who are they? What makes them tick? Do THEY...

Zimmerman Bestie Shockingly Uses Racist Slurs On Oprah, Like WTF-Level Racist

George Zimmerman Fan Club President Frank Taaffe, HLN's go-to source for commentary on the joys of killing black children armed self defense against thugs, sometimes is accused of racism. As open- and fair-minded lieburals, we are careful about throwing that...

Deleted Comment Of The Day: If We Were Really Progressive We’d Hate Blacks And Mexicans?

Oh, well this is ... what is the opposite of fun? It is that. Let us think of some words for that: Gross. It is gross. And sad. And icky. And yuck! Oh, at first we assumed it was...

False-Flagging Lieberals Obviously Behind Nice Young Man Spewing White Power Stuff All Over CPAC

Our friends at Think Progress have posted video of the obvious liberal who loves slavery riling up a CPAC panel on "minority outreach," and so we are appropriating it, for communism. You can see it after the jump! But...

In Wake Of Temple Shooting, Pat Robertson Strikes Ecumenical Note: ‘It’s The Atheists’

We never thought we would live to see the day when gross old perv Pat Robertson declared that whether worshiping at a Baptist church or a Sikh temple, all believers were worshiping God. The fuck you say! Luckily, Robertson...

Pennsylvania GOP Now Just Straight Up Electing Actual Curb-Jobbing Nazis

So, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, new? Oh, just elected an actual neo-Nazi to your GOP Central Committee? Sounds like good times! Let us learn some stuff about Steve Smith (haha, probably not that Steve Smith), who has just been elected...

Kool Kampus Konservatives Love to Scribble ‘White Pride’ Everywhere

O hai conservative student group Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), whose purpose is fighting "radical multiculturalism" (blahs and Messicans and definitely Islamics and probably Jewishes and Italians too), it looks like you have been kicked out of Towson University...