whack job

As the snow-meth icing on the Baked Alaska of Sarah Palin’s hilarious public self-destruction which is also hilariously destroying the the grisly remaining blood-and-gristle bits of the Republican Party, here is how ABC News describes her exit from the McCain Failure Party, where she was not allowed to speak: “And when McCain and Palin split […]

Look at this remarkable artifact from … two months ago, the day John McCain’s campaign decided to trade Experience for a total leering clown-gal. Look at McCain visibly suffer through her snarling dipshit routine. He knew he lost, right here, didn’t he?

Has there ever been a more wonderful pre-election story than the McCain-Palin war? It’s like Christmas, Halloween and 9/11 combined, times a trillion, and sometimes it seems too fantastic to be real. Is the GOP ticket truly having a public war over which candidate doomed the Republicans? And do we really get daily updates from […]

McCain, addressing Queen Frostine and Lord Licorice in the chocolate village of Hershey, PA, described Obama’s energy policy as: “blah blah blah, all this.” [The Caucus] Say goodbye to your Christian Science Monitor, it is relocating permanently and exclusively to the Internet, which is a sunny suburb of Phoenix. [Marc Ambinder] And so begins the […]