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Welcome to June! June is the most homosexxican month ever, thanks to Stonewall actually factually having happened at the end of the month and all, so there is much Gay Proudness throughout the entire 30-day span. Thankfully, that affords us many opportunities for nice time, and we need some fucking nice time. Washington D.C.’s Wilson […]

Wait, you are saying, how could the world’s most out-and-proud bigot, who purposely inflicted emotional pain on the innocent, be in HEAVEN? Wonket, this must be that “satire” or “snark” of which we’ve heard so much? Sorry dudes, but according to our junior high nuns, if you act according to your sincere beliefs, you are […]

Like most of you, I do find fundamentalist Christians amusing, like clowns. Such merry puppets, spinning around and around!  Sometimes, however, it seems like they’ve gone into reruns: it’s all gays, gays, gays, and fetuses, fetuses, fetuses all the time, tsk. Our beloved Jesusy minstrels need some fresh material! What’s really a shame is that […]

In a fortuitous conjunction of publicity whores, Get Shot!, a California band billing itself as “the sleaziest punk band in the world,” has shot a two-minute video of its bass player lying on a blanket and masturbating on the lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas — the “God Hates Fags/America/Puppies” loonies. Internet […]

Do you see these pretty ladies kissing, on the grave of Fred Phelps’s mom? Well, BOOM! Now she is gay, in the afterlife. It is true, according to the Satanic Temple, and if you can’t believe the Satanic Temple, who can you believe? But is there more? Yes, there is more!

The God-Hates-Everyone (‘Cept For Me And My Monkey) crowd from Westboro Baptist Church announced on Twitter that it planned to picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon bombing victims this week, so members of Teamsters Local 25 sent out a call for any available members to shield today’s services for Krystle Campbell in Medford, Massachusetts. […]

So today Buzzfeed is all “Blah blah blah these girls left the Westboro Baptist Church and are sort of vaguely sorry they hurt people’s feelings when they screamed God hates fags a million times per second and also Muslins and Amerikkka.” But did Buzzfeed miss its own scoop? Yes. (Well, also it missed this guy’s […]

As we at Wonkette are obviously a pro-family, conservative Christian news establishment, we long for the days when Americans of all stripes could come together to show our mutual disdain for the Homosexican Agenda, but now that ‘Murka has gone and voted for the black guy again, our coalition is broken and fractured, to the […]

It occurred to us that we have not followed up on some very important electoral news: Namely, the fate of several candidates who nobody had ever heard of until they briefly shone in the “weird news” column, and then disappeared from view. What happened to those wackos with all their wackiness? Let it never be […]

Jack Wu, an actual candidate for Kansas’s state school board, pledges on his very impressive homemade website to do something about the most serious problem facing the schools today: The current public educational system in Kansas and the United States is preparing its students to be liars, crooks, thieves, murderers, and perverts. And how will […]

You’d think a guy in Rush Limbaugh’s currently rather unenviable position would take all the help he can get — but apparently he is turning down sweet sweet ad $$$ just because it comes from the patriots of the God Hates Fags Brigade. Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told Raw Story that while his organization has […]

The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The “Westboro Baptist Church”. We absolutely repudiate their tactics of protesting the funerals of U.S. soldiers, men and women who die serving our Nation. We do NOT question their Christianity or right to speak, publish or preach. We agree with many […]

Today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the right of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church to protest soldiers’ funerals, because we have this principle in America called “free speech.” Or rather it would have been unanimous, if the Court didn’t have remarkable civil-liberties troll Samuel Alito sitting on it. In Alito’s […]


2010 attack ads seem to come earlier every year! [RedState] OH merciful heavens! The SEIU are coming! The SEIU are coming! Quick Kenneth Gladney, go hide in the fallout shelter! [Gateway Pundit] Will America do the right thing and invade Fort Hood for harboring “al Qaeda?” There is, after all, a rather alarming precedent. [Weekly […]