Was anyone else wondering during this Anthony Weiner scandal whether this whole thing was because Jewish Anthony Weiner is secretly a Muslim? Right-wing “Islam expert” Robert Spencer thinks so, because here is what he knows: Weiner is sneaky, exactly like a secret Muslim would be. And he is married to a Muslim woman, which means […]

Anthony Weiner is crazy for girls and crazy for Twitter, two things that do not go well together, especially when you’re a married congressman who can’t stop taking pictures of your dick and sending them to the entire Internet. So, after who knows how many weeks of Weinergate, Anthony Weiner is resigning from Congress. We’re […]

How is crazyland? Still crazy! Here’s what the Washington Times posted about a well-known Jewish man from New York: Given the defense articulated by the Imam, which would be offered only for a Muslim man, we must believe this opportunity to remove this Muslim woman from a union with an non-believer would be quickly taken. […]

Have you heard about the website that combines the two worst things, Congress and Twitter? It is called “TweetCongress.org,” which is dumb, and this website found that congressional use of Twitter has declined 28% in the terrible week since Weinergate started, because Congress is full of olds who now worry that the Twitter is going […]

Move over, Anthony Weiner scandal, there is a new Weiner sex scandal in town. It’s not like God was ever going to let us go another six hours without another Weiner joke. So here we go again: in New Mexico, Bernalillo County Commissioner Michael Weiner is in trouble for saying creepy things to a lady […]

Here is a nice, positive “unemployed wingnuts with internet access” story for once. The NYTimes reported that a mysterious team of conservative Twitter Batmans used an extensive amount of free time to closely monitor Anthony Weiner’s Twitter follows (we don’t know what that means) to discover that the exhibitionist Fruit of the Loom spokesbulge was […]

American Capitalism is still kind of fun, once in a while! Spirit Airlines emailed customers this offer with the subject line, “Want To See Our Weiner?” and miraculously this did not end up in everyone’s spam folder. The Weiner-themed marketing ploys were probably going to be inevitable, so congratulations, Spirit Airlines, for making it out […]

Watch cartoon Anthony Weiner skip around naked with a hot dog over his thing. You’re welcome. [Next Media Animation]

Well, we didn’t see this coming at all: The chairman of the Republican National Committee on Tuesday called for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress, saying no investigation was necessary “to know he lied and acted inappropriately.” Following Weiner’s dramatic news conference Monday afternoon, during which he admitted to sending explicit online communications to […]

BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony Weiner’s was the weiner in “the weiner picture.” THANK YOU, ANTHONY WEINER, you have now guaranteed that greasy pustule Andrew Breitbart will never go away, ever. Weiner went on the teevee and tearfully admitted to a roomful of reporters that he, not a hacker, tweeted the laughably tame photo of a peen in […]

But what are we going to do, just let this pass us by? If we do not follow the cheesy political self-pic Twitter scandal of the day, which this Anthony Weiner guy does not seem to be calming down very well, then we have failed as the political scandal satire website. Ugh.

While we innocently pre-pre-gamed for Memorial Day barbecues, furious conspiracy nut Andrew Breitbart was saving the world, AGAIN. “Someone” broke into Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account and posted a picture of a wiener (get it??) and then Breitbart’s AARP version of 4chan “grabbed hold” of the dong picture before it was deleted, to prove once […]