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Tag: weight

They just know some things

Joe Scarborough And His Intern Give Old Dead (And Maybe Rapey) Sen. Inouye A Pass

Yesterday, we had a sad because The New York Times reported that the late Sen. Daniel K. Inouye was the unnamed senator who grabbed Kirsten Gillibrand's stomach and warned her not to lose any more weight, because "I like...

Massachusetts Parents Whining: Letters To Parents Real Problem With Childhood Obesity

It's a simple fact - one out of every three kids in America is overweight or obese. OBESE. Children. This is a very real problem! So of course, a couple of Massachusetts legislators want to shut down the program...

Chris Christie To Lady Doctor: Shut Up, Lady Doctor

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is so mad, you guys. Right, right, he's always mad. But listen, some lady doctor from the Clinton White House days had the audacity to state the obvious this week when she said maybe...