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ZOMG you guys, the Weekly Standard has proof Barack Obama and Old Handsome Joe Biden are doing gay sex in each other’s bottoms, like we just said in the headline. Are you ready? Are you ready for this terrible proof? ARE YOU SURE????? Okay then. Follow us after the jump to see the SHOCKING EXPOSE […]

Hullo Weekly Standard! Why are we INPEACHing the president today? President Barack Obama’s staff used an autopen (a machine that mimics one’s signature) to sign the “fiscal cliff” legislation that Congress passed on New Year’s Day. There was no ceremony or photo-op for the autopen bill signing. Well, that sounds like as good a reason […]

Hey, everyone, just stop being so mean to Mitt Romney, right now, OK? Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard has done some math that conclusively proves that Mitt Romney is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being we’ve ever known in our life, especially when compared to that pipsqueak not-even-a-millionaire Joe Biden, who is […]

Who is this manly man protecting Elizabeth Warren? Some funny guy… who gives Elizabeth Warren problems that she probably doesn’t need right now? Watch, as this annoying Republican tracker gets exactly what he wants from the fella in the green hat: a little camera shove and some comical threats.

The very serious “DUMP BIDEN 4 HILLARY?” speculation that our pal Ed Henry questioned the White House press secretary about yesterday got a real kick today when author Ed Klein, who’s right up there with World Net Daily in terms of credibility, reported (/talked to his own butt) that Hillary Clinton rejected the vice presidency […]

The Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, and even ol’ Starburst are all engaged in furious last-minute lobbying to persuade Mitt Romney to select that nice young Boy Scout down the street who’s offered to fix our finances, Paul Ryan, as Vice President. The problem with such a selection is obvious: Romney would […]

Some horrified wingnuts have been distressed over the announcement that DC Comics will “turn” one of its major legacy superheroes gay in June, and weirdly those wingnuts don’t include vile hate lizard Bryan Fischer. After all, at last someone is recognizing what Bryan Fischer’s many arduous years relentlessly studying gay men taught him long ago: […]

What’s that? Is Sarah Palin reading newspapers now? Haha, no, she’s just retweeting the Weekly Standard again. But hey, we actually agree with her! The Washington Post is terrible! But it’s not “through” yet; it makes a lot of money gouging the government with its Kaplan brand of fake colleges and gouging rich parents with […]

The gay liberal atheist yankee media types who disgrace this fine, white nation are up in arms today over comments Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour made to The Weekly Standard, about how the time when black people didn’t have civil rights wasn’t “that bad” and how white-people Citizens Councils made integration go nice and smooth, like […]

BREAKING  5:50 pm June 1, 2010

by Jim Newell

MAJOR, MAJOR SCOOP AT BILL KRISTOL’S NEWSLETTER: “THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained Sarah Palin’s imminent Facebook post on the Israeli Flotilla incident.” Thank god, we couldn’t wait ten more minutes or whatever, to not read it. (GUESS: SHE SUPPORTS ISRAEL BIG-TIME.) [Weekly Standard]

In a burst of violence the likes of which this planet has not seen ANYWHERE since at least the Kenneth Gladney/Union Thugs Incident, a Thug working with the Martha Coakley senatorial campaign MAULED Weekly Standard writer John McCormack in cold blood last night in Washington D.C. Why was Martha Coakley in Washington D.C. last night, […]

One of Washington’s most transparently evil liars, Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard, recently wrote that — according to a single anonymous “Senate aide” — Barack Obama and that DAMN RAHM have threatened to shut down Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Command and one of the most important military […]

Fake war person Bill Kristol went on the Fox News over the weekend to talk about how Barack Obama “lost the Olympics,” oh boy. Now in spite of the Weekly Standard‘s furious scrubbing attempts, we already knew, thanks to the magic of the Internets, how Bill Kristol and his chums at the Standard responded to […]

It is well known in Republican circles that anyone comparing Barack Obama to former German senator Adolf Hitler is secretly a black Democrat ‘plant,’ in a union. This includes Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, but only during those times that they are saying Barack Obama loves Hitler and vice versa. How much does Barack Obama’s […]

Bill Kristol’s lifestyle/war pamphlet The Weekly Standard has found a new home! It is much like the old one, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which presumably got tired of losing insane amounts of money each year. (Also, Murdoch didn’t want to get shot by Maryland Nazis.)