Senior Canadiano El Senator Ted Cruz has gotten a little guff. From his colleagues, from the American people, from that mean old Andrea Mitchell. But he has stood firm! He has stood firm in fighting for … well, nobody is sure anymore. Like, at first it was against Obamacare, but then everybody was like dudes […]

Texas, which has some of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country, is ready to put a stop to all that: at a cost of only $1.2 million, it has unveiled a brand new website,, that promotes abstinence but doesn’t include a single word about contraception. Problem: Solved! As everyone knows, once you […]

O hai Romney transition website developer! Did you know that if you have a website you do not yet want people to see yet, you can hide it? Like, you could put up a splash page that says “coming soon,” with kittens with googly eyes, or you could just have it in development pages and […]